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We offer modern and profitable frame construction of buildings that optimally meet all the requirements of modern buildings. Exlusive projects or individual solutions are created according to your wishes, in accordance with financial capabilities, needs and preferences.

The modern frame technologies are an ideal option. Such buildings have many advantages. They are quickly erected, have a relatively low cost and versatility.

Project of cottage


The project for frame construction does not require much time, it is developed according to standard solutions with the possibility of implementing design ideas. Frame buildings are most common in the creation of private homes, cottage cooperatives, bases for tourists, hunters, fishermen and vacationers. Among the outstanding advantages of frame construction are:


  • lack of need for constant heating;
  • heating speed from the autonomous heating system, fireplace, stove;
  • frost resistance of the building, high heat conservation
  • protection of structural elements from climate aggression
  • service life, which can reach 100 years.

Production and construction of frame-type cottages together takes 2-4 months – depending on the complexity, size, number of floors. All calculations for the strength required when choosing a frame-panel technology are performed by professionals with relevant experience.

Cottages production


In our company you can order construction at any time, because our production is open all year round. The most popular standard projects of one- or two-storey constructions are offered at a choice. You can also buy a frame cottage, designed according to individual sketches.

The team of our experts carries out frame construction in the coordinated terms. All work is carried out by leading specialists and usually does not require the participation of customers. Therefore, by contacting us, you get a professional construction of the facility without the need for any additional installation

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