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A house of the future made of ECO materials

Our company started the construction of the first projects based on frame panel technology. Now we are the true experts in building new generation of energy efficient houses. 

Our innovative technologies enable us to construct even in winter. Heat loss of such a house is 3 times lower compared to a brick one.

About our team

Production and construction company

Our company is a leader on the market in producing high quality buildings using new technology of frame panels.  Today we are the true experts in building houses corresponding all European standards using energy efficient technology.

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    Our own manufacture
    We produce raw materials for the construction.
  • 02
    Constructing abroad
    We extend borders
  • 03
    Constructing all year round
    Innovative technology allows constructing even in winter
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    Speed and quality
    We construct houses from high-quality processed raw materials.
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    Affordable price
    Ecohouse is two times cheaper than a brick one.
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    Our houses are warm
    Heat loss of such a house is smaller than of a brick one.

 Frame houses construction from House Group

Construction of houses according to the frame technology is a major direction of our activity. Our energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction technology of houses and other buildings is widespread throughout the world.

Being one of the first companies in Ukraine who presented projects of turnkey country houses, having traveled quite a thorny path from a no-name property developer to an authoritative and reliable frame country houses construction partner, we are an undeniable leader in the sphere of building eco-houses.

Individual approach

We produce ready-made kits for a  modular (quick and final) assemblage of buildings of any type: residential, commercial, administrative and even industrial buildings.

Quality and professionalism

When choosing a ready-made product of our company, you get a high-quality, quick, and affordable product.

You do not need to deal with the construction, procurement of materials, organizing the work of contractors, assembly of the panels on site, putting utilities and heating. We will do all this in the manufacturing.

Alongside you, we:

– study the landscape and configuration of the site;

– depending on the goals, we are developing a new or modernized a standard project;

– provide a full range of works – from the foundation to the finishing decoration of the facade;

– meet all technological norms and deadlines, use exclusively high-quality materials;

– provide all required project documentation and certifications.

Our manufacture

How we work

We utilize the best wood that went through the complete technical processing in accordance with all the European standards.


What is a frame house?

Frame houses

Turnkey construction is being very popular in the USA and Canada for around 50 years now. More and more European countries use this type of building. Frame panel houses have also become a modern trend in Ukraine.

Many families decide to build a house choosing this type of building, and not without a reason. Spacious, full of natural light, and warm houses are frost-proof and not sensitive to the extremes of temperature. Relative affordability and resistance to different weather conditions contribute to their growing popularity. A frame house is a perfect variant for clients who would like to get a full set of construction and renovation services.

A house with a wooden structure

The technology of building frame houses presumes construction of a building on top of the installed frame or assembly of the whole panels. Such a variant is especially fast and most energy-efficient. Fast and cost-effective turnkey assembly of

houses will enable you to build the house of your dream in the smallest timeframes possible.

Eco-friendliness ensured by the turnkey house construction has been proved by the world-class quality standards and verified during a half of a century in Canada, USA, Japan, where more than 40% of available housing utilize the frame house construction technology.

Energy-efficiency and high air quality

Air quality is always a brick house problem, and turnkey frame buildings are among the most acceptable ones on the market. Since the components used in their manufacture do not include any harmful chemicals that can affect the health of the residents, they comply with the highest standards of the air quality indoors. Material allotted for construction according to Canadian technology helps to minimize condensation when exposed to a temperature change.

Building technology

The technology of building the frame house is extremely simple and effective. A casing, bars, and other lumber are fastened to the support structures according to Canadian technology. Due to environmental friendliness and wooden base, living in such a house is extremely comfortable. The heat and soundproof material are stored between the structures of buildings. Despite the use of standard structures, the variety of the latter allows for constructing a unique building of any shape. A high-quality domestic wood enables creating a product that corresponds to all the international standards.

The clients can choose from the sandwich panels and SIB-panels according to Canadian technology. Due to a small unit weight of structures and their reliability, frame housing facilitates the long life of your home.

All panels have construction barriers that protect materials from the fire. Heat insulation is made of non-combustible materials, which increases an overall level of reliability.


The technology of constructing frame houses has numerous advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • The technology that characterizes the building of frame houses. Short timeframes of construction without the involvement of heavy machine equipment. Such a house does not require a strip foundation and long waiting for the dynamic soil processes. The work can be carried out in any weather conditions.
  • Affordable price. Standardization and mass production have leveled the cost of a spacious house with the price of a flat in the least prestigious area or the region.
    • Faster and less costly renovation (turnkey construction).

    Frame structures ensure a perfect evenness of the walls. This allows for significant savings at the certain stages of construction. The facade will also serve you for several decades. The construction process is relatively simple for medium-skilled carpenters.

    • Frame house saves costs on utilities. The cost of heating is much lower compared with the brick analogs.
    • A special layer between the walls during a frame construction perfectly holds the heat, vapor, moisture, and extraneous noise, creating a better environment for a comfortable living.
    • Energy saving and frost resistance will be a great fit for the regions with a harsh climate. Since the house has a pitched roof, it doesn’t accumulate snow in cold weather. This lowers the risk of damage and breakage. Frame construction suits any climate and it’s especially effective in warm countries. Since the living space during the frame housing mostly stays on the ground level, the warm air will rise, keeping the space comfortable during the day.
    • The absence of a monolithic foundation increases seismic resistance (up to magnitude 9 on the Richter scale).  
    • The use of environmentally friendly materials during the construction excludes the possibility of toxic fumes. Besides, all the thermal materials can be easily replaced for the newer ones in the future.

Reliability of frame technology

Multi-layered panels are firm enough to withstand a strong pressure. All the elements go through preliminary treatment with fire-retardant compounds. It will take a long time to melt the frame structure assembled during the construction at least a little bit. Due to a non-combustible material of the heater, you don’t have to worry about crackling wires. Thanks to a seismic resistant foundation, the building can withstand even a strong earthquake. A frame house is supposed to serve you for 100 years. This is more than enough to go for a turnkey construction.

Range of services

The first important step prior to the beginning of the construction is the calculation of necessary expenses and the preparation of accurate estimates. The main stages of work (construction of the frame house) are the following:

  • Initial preparations for the beginning of the work cycle (coordinated with the customer and their wishes);
  • Preparation of wooden elements of the frame;
  • Building a corresponding foundation;
  • Carrying out the installation works; 
  • Roof installation based on the frame technology;
  • Putting the heating, electricity, water, and other utilities.
  • Facade finishing (a set of works);
  • Internal renovation (from a rough finishing to the smallest design elements);

Additional services (discussed individually).

Construction timeframes

Since the construction of every frame house has unique timeframes, it’s quite difficult to name the exact project deadlines. The minimum construction period is 3 weeks for a small building and up to 4 months for the construction of a volumetric structure with a considerable area. Frame house construction technology is faster than the classical alternatives mostly due to the installation of the building on the screw piles. This method of frame technology is much easier than a strip foundation. Besides, you can construct buildings using this method at any time of the year.  Contractors won’t need large-scale machinery for digging a pit or installation of structures. Turnkey construction of frame houses eliminates such a need.

Advantages of working with us

Preliminary estimates for construction of frame buildings and development of the necessary expenses are being discussed and spelled out in the agreement. Clients only pay for what they order. The end cost of a frame house does not change during the construction. The customer can control all stages of construction and approves the work personally based on the set acts, having a ready frame house. A convenient payment system will allow calculating all the necessary payments for the frame house construction in advance. Clients have the right to order any volume of work and additional turnkey house construction services.

Those who prefer ready-made solution will be able to choose from a catalog of the most popular designer projects with a detailed specification. When ordering frame house 

construction services from our company, clients get an experienced team with dozens of projects on the objects of increasing complexity under their belt. European quality standards and high-quality materials contribute to the possibility of constructing buildings in any season of the year.

Construction of frame houses includes a prolonged guarantee period, which demonstrates a high quality of frame buildings construction services.

Individual consultations

By far, not everyone wants to get a typical project of a turnkey house. Many customers have lots of personal ideas to implement in their future family home. Some customers have not yet made their choice and want to see available options. In this case, company managers are ready to advise any user on the possibilities of constructing a personal home. Building premises for business is also worth a separate discussion.

Free calculation of the cost of the house