What are the advantages of a frame house?

Reliability and quality. You can be sure that you and your family will live in a house for a long time.

Energy efficiency.

Environmental friendliness. We use only certified ecological and hypoallergenic materials. And you can build the house outside of the city, where the air is cleaner.

Speed. The process of making a frame house or commercial building (for example, a restaurant or mini-hotel) is only 3-4 months from the date of signing the contract.

Peace of mind of the client. We select the best ingredients and carefully monitor compliance with the technology at every stage.

What about the sound insulation in prefab houses?

We provide noise insulation with an index of 45 decibels.

To provide the interfloor sound protection, we use sound-insulating rubber gasket and mineral wool with noise protection effect.

Will the house burn down?

We care about your safety and adhere with the fire standards.

For wiring we use a special non-combustible cable in a protective metal sleeve.


Is it possible to put a fireplace in a frame house?

Yes, you can. It depends on what type of fireplace you choose. If it is a gas or electric fireplace, they can be installed without any additional work. If you want a real wood-burning fireplace, you should prepare for its installation.

Do I need to make a prepayment?

Yes. It is 60% of the construction cost. The remaining 40% is paid after its completion. An advance is required for the arrangement of the foundation, timber harvesting for the frame, its installation and ordering of essential materials. The breakdown into 2 payments is also necessary for the maximum speed of construction, as a large number of materials must be ordered at the design stage.

What are the guarantee?

After approve of all details, we sign the official contract certified with the seal of the enterprise.

You can also book a tour to our production and see our objects.

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