Frame panels


Advantages of frame panels

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    The prepared elements of the future building are brought to the construction site and assembled in accordance with the design documentation.
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    Energy efficiency
    Such houses allow you to save on home heating more than 60%. Houses can be designed for as severe climate conditions as -65 С. According to State Building Codes of Ukraine №.2.6-31:2016 “Thermal insulation of buildings”, heat transfer resistance of walls in the temperature zone 1 is 3,3 (sq.m.*sec)/W. The resistance of our wall panel is 5.51 (sq.m.*sec)/W, which is 67% higher than the required minimum.
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    Long life
    The useful life of more than 100 years
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    Seismic resistance
    Withstand up to magnitude 8 on the Richter scale
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    Environmental friendliness
    Concrete-chipboard panels do not contain any chemicals, glue, and formaldehyde resins. Quartz wool has passed the European ecological certification, it is recommended for the use in residential buildings, food service establishments, and children’s institutions.

Panel structures

We use the best wood that undergone complete technical processing in accordance with all European standards.

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 Frame and panel houses

Frame and panel housing is the type of residence that is extremely easy to construct and has impressive worldwide popularity.


The construction and assembly process of such a house utilizes ready-made elements. Frame panels form the walls of the future building. The convenience of the materials lies in their previous production. Each element is prepared for assembly in advance with the help of special anchorages. Pile foundation is installed fairly quickly, and the assembly of the walls can be started immediately. Assembly of the framework doesn’t take a lot of time either. House overlays include a roof mounting system. As a rule, the frame is finished with the sheets of plywood or similar materials. Usually, all of them are derivatives from wood or OSB slabs.

Turnkey frame house requires the air flow system. One of the first important living residence planning points is the placement of a communications system. Then we can build walls, ceiling, and other details. Later comes the process of finishing the walls with the heat insulation materials. After these measures, the 

building is basically ready for occupation. The only thing that’s left is to deal with the floor and fasten the facade with decorative materials. Frame houses are built extremely fast, so a fairly small period of time passes by from the moment the construction starts till the actual occupation. Whereas the mere production of the details and different elements takes a lot more time given the complexity of structures. All the wood goes through the initial processing in the workshop environment.  

Initial design includes all the necessary elements: from beams, walls, and ceiling to smaller parts and designer solutions. All blocks, including a communication system, are assembled on the conveyor basis. Most of the processes are fully automated with the help of the machinery with software tools. Due to the clear and filigree manufacturing systems, the finished product fits perfectly during mounting. All fastening materials, communication channels, and other nuances are already taken into account by design. Only the installation work of contractors for all structures is required. With a high level of contractors’  professional skills, it is quite possible to build a house in 3-4 weeks. Panels and columns are brought to the site for the foundation. The process is step-by-step and ends with the final facade processing and working with the interior. After that, you can immediately occupy your new home.

Manufacturing technology

High-quality wood is used as a base for the frame, panels, and overlaps. Usually, coniferous trees and glued beam are the most popular choices. Technological processes are aimed at giving each element the necessary rigidity for safe transportation to the site. Before the beginning of production, the designers envisage all the communication elements and construction nuances. Mounting panels are made to fit all sizes and avoid cold cavities. Each element is tightly mounted. Roof and ceiling processing allows to provide wood with the resistance to external factors and make living in a house comfortable and safe for every family member.

The greatest responsibility falls on the shoulders of designers because only high-quality product manufacturing will allow for getting all the benefits of frame construction. Reliable overlays exclude condensation or humidity in the rooms. Modular specifics of the construction has a lot in common with frame-panel and panel-frame technology in its type and processing technology. Sometimes,  separate walls are formed on the basis of the plant and are ready for mounting. The production reaches up to 70% of the basic assembly of such panels. This facilitates further work on the construction site and accelerates the process of erection. Everything is simple and convenient. 

Advantages and drawbacks

Frame-panel structures have fairly wide graduation in construction, so comparison and direct analogies are inappropriate. Each technology has its own nuances and individual specifications. First of all, frame construction helps to quickly erect structures of any type and complexity. Modern elite homes and economy housing is erected by almost similar framing technologies, which demonstrates the versatility of structures. Each panel production plant has a 

certain manufacturing cycle of the structural elements in stages. Of course, the installation of ready-made panels is pretty fast, but it’s impossible without skilled professionals. The whole process is sequential. In the case of ready-made panels, everything goes even faster. The flexibility and simplicity of the construction process help to erect the necessary living space in a short period of time.

The equipment manufactures each element with a jeweler’s precision, which allows you to quickly build the frame and walls. Thus, when assembling the panels, you don’t need to alter dimensions or make further refinements of the material base. The manufacturing process at the plant is simple due to almost complete automation of the process and well-adjusted machinery with software tools.

Construction and installation work

The whole process of a turnkey house construction requires a detailed analysis and professional approach. The main bonus is that there is no urgent need to involve heavy machinery.

Almost every element of the structure has a relatively small weight and is 

mounted fairly quickly. Each part of the overlap is formed based on the calculation of bearing weight. Therefore, the house is quite stable and can withstand significant loads and seismic activity. The strength of structures also matters when materials are transferred to the construction site. Not a single detail should be deformed. Otherwise, the assembly process can be much longer.

A significant advantage of factory design is the accuracy of calculations, which is fundamentally different from the construction of brick houses. The customer can monitor every stage of construction and get acquainted with the flow of events. Each frame technology has its advantages and is very popular. Given the final cost of housing construction on the primary market, this tendency is quite predictable. The frame house is warm and cozy.

The standard house is able to last for about 100 years without losing its visual and technical appeal. This is a very important detail when reselling real estate. Each facade element is to be processed and protected from external factors. The warm interlayer will keep warmth in winter and stay cool in the warm period of the year.

Frame-panel or panel construction?

The frame panel consists of three layers, mounted in the whole structural unit. The plates have ready-made thermal insulation. Water resistance guarantees the absence of moisture in the house and prevents the spread of mold. Panels are formed from separate bars, which are fixed in a certain way together. This technology allows for a quick turnkey house building. The strength and reliability of the frame can withstand a considerable pressure on the structure. Each panel and type of construction that the company provides is able to form a reliable and durable home for any customer.

All frame panels have the ability to withstand a significant weight and not deform. For their construction, it’s possible to eliminate the use of a solid frame. In accordance with a frameless technology, the gaps between the boards are connected with OSB-slabs or a special spline key. This is a rather economical option of constructing a 

building that will not burden customers with additional unforeseen expenses. Typical buildings from classic materials are not capable of providing a similar quality at a democratic price. The structure has pre-processed elements and is fully mountable in any pre-specified order.

The manufacture of frame panels has a surprisingly simple molding. The assembly of each part does not require special equipment and complex machinery on the construction site. These are the main advantages of frameless building construction but it has other benefits as well. When ordering frame-panel construction, you get a reliable and warm home that will serve your family for more than a century. The production of frame-panel houses can significantly bring each person closer to having a full-fledged house, which incorporates all their wishes and dreams. It’s difficult to give up your own home, which can be erected in less than a month! If you wish, you can build a whole mansion that is in no way inferior to brick, foamed concrete blocks or other concrete alternatives.

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