PricesFrom  400 €/m2From 500 €/m2From 700 €/m2
Set of frame of exterior walls
Frame of internal walls
Interconnecting block kit
Roofing system kit
Installation of structures at home
Arrangement of roofing material
Aquatic system
Warming the exterior walls
Insulation of the roof
Sound insulation of internal walls
Soundproofing overlap
Steam insulation of the heater
Energy efficient windows
The entrance door
Exterior decoration of the facade
Window drainage
Softening the roof
Power supply with output to points
Water supply with drawing to points
Breeding of heating with deduction to points
Ventilation exits on the roof
Installation of plasterboard on the walls
Installation of drywall on the ceiling
Fitting the floor of the 1st floor under the finish
Sound-proof “Floating floor” on the 2nd floor
Waterproofing of floors and walls of bathrooms
Spacing and painting of walls and ceilings
Internal window sills
Arrangement of finishing floors (laminate, tile)
Installation of a shield, switches, sockets, fixtures
Installation of heating radiators and boiler
Interior doors

* Calculated according to the specification

Making of foundation of rough floor of the 1st floor, canalization.The price depends on geology, relief and complexity. From 49 € / m2 of building.
Interior inter-stairsfrom 25 000 UAH / pc
Ventilation equipmentfrom 30 000 UAH for a set
Chimneysfrom 25 000 UAH for a set
Septic and wellfrom 25 000 UAH for a set
Delivery of materials and equipment to the siteThe price depends on the distance and equipment

**The cost is calculated for the house of Marianna. The cost of other homes may vary.

*** The cost of a one-story building is 30% higher on average than the cost of a two-story building (with a second attic floor).

Free calculation of the cost of the house