Development of commercial buildings

If you need a fast, high-quality and professional construction of modern commercial real estate, we suggest using the services of our company. We have our own production, a fully equipped material, technical base and a professional team

Development of commercial buildings


Modern commercial properties can be used in a variety of ways. Therefore, the level of complexity of construction depends on what the development and implementation of the project is planned for, which location the building will have, what size the premises should be, how many floors and rooms should have. Regardless of the complexity of your order, our company will successfully complete the construction of commercial facilities such as:

  • office centers;
  • recreation centers shopping malls (supermarkets,boutiques, shops)
  • entertainment centers;
  • restaurants, cafes, bars, fast foods;
  • sports centers; conference rooms;
  • medical centers;
  • hotels;
  • farms, outbuildings;
  • industrial premises;
  • warehouses, hangars;
  • versatile buildings.

Please note – we carry out all work related to the construction of offices, supermarkets, production facilities as quickly as possible. As a result, clients quickly begin to recover their investment in the design and construction of the building. This approach increases the efficiency of your investment, guarantees a quick profit from a commercial facility.

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Commercial construction price


You can determine how much industrial and commercial construction costs after creating a preliminary estimate.

The cost of building an object includes:

  • development, project approval;
  • preparatory work (land clearing, excavation)
  • foundation and red floor
  • supporting frame
  • heat and sound insulation
  • roof drainage system windows and entrance doors
  • heating electricity
  • water supply
  • exterior decoration of the facade
  • finishing screed with insulation
  • interior decoration

Additionally, the cost of construction consists of materials, equipment that must be used in the process of building a structure. Also, the price includes administrative, general production, transportation costs, which are certainly taken into account in the local estimate.

The technologies and materials that we offer to our clients always correspond to the purpose of the building, your wishes, state standards and modern trends. Therefore, when you order the construction of any commercial facility from us, you get the best solution that is possible in your case.

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