Individual design of houses

Do you dream of your own house, country cottage or townhouse? Then order individual design in our site.  According to your wishes, exclusive ideas and state standards, we will develop the best design solutions that will definitely realize your dreams, modern trends and proven technologies.

Our experienced specialists implement an individual project of any complexity with perfect accuracy, full compliance with the client’s expectations. According to the author’s project, we will be able to create an exclusive house with a creative design of architectural form, non-standard planning, with the implementation of the latest engineering developments and technical products.

Our customers receive a comprehensive service that includes


  • preparation, approval of the technical task;
  • concluding a formal agreement
  • development of the concept of the building, choice of style, planning;
  • coordination of architectural form;
  • approval of facades, number of floors;
  • development of sketches to obtain permission for further construction;
  • elaboration of separate and important sections of the project.

Development of an individual project

Individual design of the house begins with the creation of sketches, which gives the right to obtain a construction passport (permission for further construction). Sketches are prepared by architects, bring the project of the future house in accordance with state building standards, reflect the size of the site, plans, location of buildings, facades, elevation marks, etc ..

The houses are designed for construction of different materials. At the same time, buildings can have autonomous engineering networks, be connected to central heating,  with water and gas supply. Engineers of our company take into account the need for power supply, sewerage.

The project has the general descriptions, drawings, plans of a site, the house with a room breakdown, breakdown on floors, plans of facades, a roof. The documents have data on the boundaries of the house, wall thickness, number and location of holes, jumpers, insulation materials.

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How to order a house project?

You can order an individual project of the house by contacting our representatives in a convenient way and time. According to your requirements, experts will try to implement all the wishes. This takes into account:

  • location of the site, geological properties of the soil;
  • climatic conditions;
  • possibility to connect to existing engineering networks in order to optimize construction.

Designers will also be able to realize your dreams regarding the architectural form of the building, the layout of the premises, the availability of a children’s room, guest room, staff, dressing room, greenhouse and more. When ordering individual design, it is difficult to limit the capabilities of developers.

Modern materials, innovative equipment and the latest technologies offered by our designers, architects and engineers will help to create the house of your dreams not only exclusive and aesthetic, but also cozy, comfortable, safe and reliable. Contact us now and make an appointment at a convenient time.

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Free calculation of the cost of the house