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What is a classic frame with mineral wool insulation?

 The technology of construction of buildings on a frame basis – a very popular type of housing construction in the United States and Canada. European countries have also appreciated the new type of construction.

The secret of popularity is in fast construction, simplicity and frame type of installation. A filler for frame walls is placed in the gap between the structures. The solid building is covered with a roof, including the final finishing of the facade.

Many homeowners face the problem of a thin standard filler, the layer of which is not enough to retain heat in winter. Therefore, a significant percentage of households decide to use the service of additional insulation of walls or facades. This technology is used even in the insulation of non-residential premises and all kinds of storage hangars.

Mineral wool is very popular around the world. The experience of many construction companies around the world shows that even the most expensive waterproofing material is not able to exclude the factor of moisture absorption. If the cotton wool has gained moisture, it may lose its shape and properties. At the same time, even rails or dowels will not save the material from slipping under its own weight. Such moments need to be thought over in advance before process of warming. The actual needs should be planned in detail and the required insulation area calculated.

Insulation of a frame house with mineral wool

Insulation with mineral wool is a fairly fast and low-cost process. Ecological cotton wool contains exclusively natural components and is safe for the human body. The only drawback is the price, which is not always suitable when estimating the insulation of the facade or walls. Typically, builders use rock wool, which is formed when processing stone blocks. The resulting fibers fall under the press, and are formed into easy-to-mount plates. You can even order whole rolls that will fill any cracks and non-standard surfaces. The frame house is easy to warm with such material. The pricing policy for this material is also quite moderate, which is suitable for budget wall insulation.

Insulation of a frame house: outside or inside?

Quantity is not always equal to quality. Do not choose too dense material, because the walls must contain at least a small layer of air. It keeps the heat or coolness in the room. But too porous material can withstand its own weight, which is also not suitable for long-term use. You should choose a balanced thickness of stone wool to insulate each wall.

This material has many advantages for insulation of a frame house:

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity. Heat or coolness will remain inside the room;
  • High level of sound insulation. The noise level will in no way bother the neighbors;
  • The material is completely environmentally friendly and has no harmful impurities that affect the condition of the occupants of the house;
  • The material is resistant to critical temperature changes, but does not deform.

Exterior insulation is the best option

External thermal insulation is the most necessary thing to prevent problems of humidity and mold. This will help withstand most weather events. Such a frame house will stand for at least 50 years. With all the requirements of construction and use of quality materials, the service life can be extended up to 100 years. Quite a long time to avoid problems with housing and well-being.

Minwatt insulation can be mounted on a wooden frame or directly on the walls. The glue is a specialized mixture with the final fixing dowels. This method is simple, but not very popular, due to the lack of a gap between the material for normal air circulation. It is best to use wooden frame slats. Briquettes with insulation should be mounted with little effort. You also need to install a vapor barrier. More natural materials will be suitable for this purpose.

After the process of installing insulation, it is time to attach waterproofing sheets, such as glassine. This will protect the insulation from the effects of natural factors. Next is the glue and reinforced lattice, which is then easy to attach the external elements of the facade. It should be noted that the work on insulation and cladding of the house should be performed only in the dry and warm seasons. This guarantees the dryness and reliability of the finished structure. Each external factor will no longer have a significant impact on the internal microclimate of the house and its occupants.

Mineral upholstery is extremely beneficial for customers. This material will last about 100 years. Therefore, it is worth thinking about doing all the work on insulation once and for all, rather than returning to the old problem every 10 years. The upholstery process does not take much time. Usually, standard houses with an area of ​​120 square meters can be insulated in 1-2 days. Of course, not everyone is ready for expensive costs and expensive materials. The budget for repairs actually sets a rigid framework that cannot be exceeded. Therefore, you should pay attention to the most compromising options that offer sufficient quality and durability of the structure.

Mineral wool is practical and durable. For people who want to solve the problem quickly and economically, it is difficult to find anything better. In addition, the actual process of stacking briquettes is not difficult. Everything is as simple and comfortable to perform. It is enough to have a basic idea of ​​applying the material to carry out all the necessary manipulations yourself, without the involvement of outside experts. The modular construction and this type of upholstery are perfectly combined and do not devastate the family budget. After spending once, the owner of the building will no longer worry about heat and thermoregulation, in the case of compliance with all technological nuances and the process of laying the material.

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